Post Run Yoga Stretch

Linda Black, The Yoga Coach, shares a couple of post run yoga stretches. Keep your muscles pliable…always stretch for 10-15 minutes after your workout. This will release the muscle and reduce lactic acid buildup that causes restriction of movement.

Yoga can help runners to prevent injury and stay in tip top shape. Learn more at Friday’s Yoga for Runners class!

    • Friday, July 26, 2013 
    • 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    • Breathe Yoga Studio – 11274 Kestrel Rise Rd. South Jordan, UT (upstairs in Black Diamond Gym)
    • $25. Register by clicking the button below!

Conquering the Ragner Relay 2012

Ragnar was a Norse Viking in the 9th century. He was an adventure seeking, conquering, tough guy. Which is why The Ragnar Relay was named after him. After running the race myself this last weekend I feel like I know Ragnar.

What is the Ragnar Relay?

The Ragnar Relay is a group of your friends or family, riding in 2 vans, running a relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport. Over 2 days and 1 night, teams run across 200 miles of the country’s most scenic terrain. Continue reading

Aahhh Massage…

Photo: o5com

You know you need it, but if you’re like me it keeps getting pushed to the end of your list.

I have just the remedy…I’m inviting you to my “Rock ‘n Roll Stretch & Renew Workshop“!

Massage, self massage (or roller therapy) is a very effective way to treat myofascial trigger points. These myofascial trigger points (muscle tissue that has taut bands or knots), can refer pain to other areas. For example, pain radiating from the hip down into the shin may be linked to a trigger point (tight knot) in the gluteal muscle. In addition to literally being a pain in the rear, trigger points may also limit range-of-motion, inhibit muscle strength, and cause early muscle fatigue. Continue reading