2012 is Here!

2012 Is Here!

I love a new year…all fresh and pristine, a blank canvas with infinite possibilities. It’s dreamy pie in the sky stuff…No boundaries have yet been established or rules set in stone. It’s bendable, pliable, & flexible to mold and fit your desires. So, the question I ask myself is this…”what do I want in 2012”? An obvious answer is “More than I got in 2011”. But why, how and what really do I want? In pondering this question I find it helpful to look back at 2011 and celebrate the year.

Celebrate by writing down 50 – 100 of your greatest accomplishments (yes, it does take some time). Then revel in all your glory! Acknowledge these accomplishments and take a closer look at the underlying commitment that made them work. What fueled their success? If you know the what and why of your successes in 2011 then you can take that forward into 2012 and build on it. It is important to not get caught up in what did NOT happen in 2011 but to focus on what DID. Continue reading

Tips for Mindful Eating / Habits for Life

Breathe – A great way to center the mind and connect to the flow of energy. Allow yourself to let go of pressing, out-of-the-moment thought and tune-IN to the present with both mind and body. Make a connection to your body through the breath. Listen and feel the motion of each inhale and each exhale as you breathe. Did you know? It is the #1 way to detoxify the body!!

Photo: Joost Nelissen

Drink up – fluids are what the body is made up of (60-70% actually) so it make sense that if you don’t flush it your body will hold on to toxins. Flush it out (literally) by taking in ½ your weight in ounces of water each day. Add more if you are exercising heavily.

TIP: Drink fluids ½ hour or more before your meal. Then do not drink with your meal. Liquids can dilute digestive juices making your stomach work harder during digestion. Continue reading

What Can You Eliminate?

I just got my “Costco Connection” August 2011 Issue in the mail a few days ago. In browsing I came across a great article by Dr. Robert J. Leon that struck a chord with me and made me think of ways I can improve my health and wellness.

In the article he answers a common question posed by many of his patients and non-patients alike and that is: “What vitamins or pills would you recommend to improve my health?” Continue reading

Bikram / Hot Yoga Part IV: Losing Weight

I had a thought while in class today (one of many)… “Bikram would be a great way for wrestlers to lose a couple of pounds of water weight in a short period of time.” I’ll bet that method has been explored. If you or someone you know has taken Bikram to shed water weight please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about your experience. Now the more important question is…can you lose pounds of fat?

Yes! You will sweat! Photo: Life

This is a question I get on a weekly basis…CAN I LOSE WEIGHT DOING YOGA? Of course, like any form of exercise, any yoga class you do is going to help your metabolism by strengthening the muscles of the body. If you eat to FUEL the body in a healthy way your body will respond by shedding unwanted pounds. Your body wants to be in homeostasis (a state of dynamic balance). What you eat and think greatly determines how that equilibrium plays out. The focus and mind set in yoga is on the beauty and movement of the physical body, the connection you have with self and God, and your mental and emotional clarity. Continue reading