Decisions, Decisions…

I’m a self proclaimed recovering multitask-aholic. I start on one project and get side tracked into another…then another…and oh yes then another…by the end of the day I wonder where my time was spent because it looks like NOTHING was accomplished. It is common in a day to put many demands on myself. Without filters to say “no” to many of these tasks I would feel guilty or like I was “missing out” on something if I didn’t do it ALL. I felt like my life was being played out for me and I was getting resentful. Most of these tasks (if not all) seemed super important to me… things like, I need to keep up in my business, spend time with the kids, get dinner on the table, clean the house, do the laundry, water the garden (or put one in), mend those shirts that are piled up, get a workout in, meditate, meet with my child’s teacher, grocery shop, date night, network with peers, squeeze in some yoga training, etc. I lost site of important goals because of all the little unimportant “important” tasks.

Reminds me of saying…”The road to hell <or mediocrity> is paved with good intentions.”

I get it.

My dreams and aspirations were getting lost in an ocean of “have tos” and “shoulds”. I found myself swimming in self doubt, overwhelm, and un-constructive inner criticism because I wasn’t able to prioritize.

What to do about it?

For me it’s a daily practice of staying present and determining WHAT is most important. I DECIDE on a goal and then DECIDE what, where, and with whom I spend my time…having the end goal in mind.  I get to use my decision making muscles. I create focus and clarity by having an “eye on the prize” so to speak.

The key lies in the word “decide”. To “decide” is to literally “cut” yourself off from any other option. Once you decide to do something there is no turning back.

Once the trapeze artist decides to let go of the swing there is no turning back, he has to catch the next swing mid-air to make it to the other side.

Life is like that.

If we are only dipping our toe half into the water we will falter and when the going gets tough it’s easier to give up and move back into our comfort zone (or safety net) rather than plunge right in and make it to the goal. To DECIDE gives you no other option.

For instance, I decided last year to enter my FIRST ever Triathlon. (It’s been on my bucket list for 20+ years).

So why did I follow through this time?

When the opportunity arose to enter the “Women of Steel” sprint triathlon I decided to put my money where my mouth was. It took me less than five minutes to make that decision. I plunged in…ready, set, and registered. No turning back.

Did I have to get up early to get a run in? Yes. Was it hard? Yes. What got me up was the picture in my mind of me finishing the race with a decent time and plenty of energy. I had my “eye on the prize”. I did NOT want to “half-ass” it and come in middle of the pack, out of breath, injured, or worse…not finish.

When my training required two-a-days I mustered up the inner strength to bike to the local rec center, swim a mile and then bike home.Was it cold? YES. Was it windy? YES. Was it hard? YES.

Why did I stick with it? Because I made a conscious, internal decision I was going to do it. There was NO TURNING BACK or giving up. Making the decision gave me unwavering focus to stay with my training and NOT get sidetracked into other “important” tasks.
No detours, no excuses.

Making that single clear decision gave me the focus i needed to train without distractions.

My yoga practice helps me conquer outer distractions and instead tune in and cultivate focus. It has been a useful part of my life’s training as I set goals and keep my “eye on the prize”.
A great pose to encourage focus without faltering is  Vrksasana (Tree pose).
What decisions have you made in the past month? Are you moving forward on your goals even when they are hard? What keeps you motivated? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.
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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Alpine had a record 21” of snow in 24 hours yesterday. Yes, I shoveled ALL of it. If you are the snow blower at your house here’s a handy tip to keep your back pain free…alternate the sides that you shovel from. Go left, then right, then left, then right…and make stretching part of your warm up and cool down. Here’s how… Let It Snow!

I’ve lived in Utah most of my life. It’s diverse and I have come to LOVE and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us here! We have rivers for fishing, lakes for water sports, mountains for hiking, desert sand dunes, over half a dozen national parks in southern Utah alone, and of course arguably the greatest snow on earth! It hasn’t always been easy to appreciate the diversity. I used to like only the summer months. I’m a fair weather kinda gal. I like the sun and when I was young spent as much time as I could in the outdoors. When winter hit I shivered from December until April and secretly wished that like bears we could hibernate all winter long and emerge in the spring ready to feast and bask in the warmth of April’s sunshine.

If you can’t beat ‘em I always like to find a way to join ‘em. I had to turn my perspective around and learn to enjoy the winter months too. What I found is nothing  short of amazing! I love to ski in the winter and in the last couple of years have taken up snow shoeing. It’s an inexpensive way to recreate outside and enjoy the snowy mountains. My winter essentials consist of warm gloves, winter outer wear, a pair of good snow shoes, and a butt sled. One of my favorite places to hike is up Horse Tail Falls. It’s a trail that starts on the east side of Alpine just past the rodeo

Winter Essentials

grounds. It’s steep – I like it that way…that’s why I bring the sled! For a 45 minute hike up it takes 12 minutes to sled down and it is a hoot! (I’m considering buying a helmet so I can go faster.)

If you feel stuck inside during the winter… take a walk or get up into the mountains for some fresh air! The higher you go the better off you are and you can usually get out of the inversion muck. Here’s to playing in the snow!

Celebrate Moms, Give the Gift of Building Memories…

A friend once told me that instead of going out and buying a generic gift for a loved one she likes to give experiences.

What does your Mom like? Cooking? Jumping out of airplanes? Dancing? Theater? Whatever she enjoys, you can gift her the experience and perhaps go with her to build memories. One year I bought tickets to see The Osmond Brothers and took my Mom for Christmas. We hadn’t shared an experience like that for many years. It was memorable and fun! We spent time laughing & enjoying each other’s company. Through conversation during the evening I learned some things about my mom that I didn’t know before. It turned out to be a sweet memory for me. Continue reading