Spring Detox: De-Junk the Trunk

Just as a closet can collect clutter…our bodies hang on to baggage. They need a cleanse.

Join me in my yoga classes this month as we concentrate on breathing techniques, hip openers and twists to cleanse and rejuvenate.

The results are ENERGIZING!!

In getting rid of the junk we can make room for healthy practices.

Even the smallest change can bring about big results.

Photo: cambiodefractal

Like planting a tiny seed in fertile soil and nourished over time grows into a mature life sustaining plant, we too can plant seeds of nourishing practices that, when fertilized consistently, transform us into our healthiest self yet. Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

Ms. Cat does her yoga poses -- and you can, too! Photo: ValleyGirl_TKA on flickr

As an instructor I often hear the following phrases (or something similar) from students with regards to attending a yoga class:

  • “I’m not flexible enough”,
  • “I can’t bend like that”,
  • “I’ll start yoga when I lose weight”,
  • “When I have time I’ll start coming”,
  • “After the _______ (fill-in-the-blank) event is over I’ll do it”,
  • “when life slows down”,
  • etc…

Sound familiar? Continue reading

What Can You Eliminate?

I just got my “Costco Connection” August 2011 Issue in the mail a few days ago. In browsing I came across a great article by Dr. Robert J. Leon that struck a chord with me and made me think of ways I can improve my health and wellness.

In the article he answers a common question posed by many of his patients and non-patients alike and that is: “What vitamins or pills would you recommend to improve my health?” Continue reading

Bikram / Hot Yoga: What Not To Wear

I did mention in an earlier post what to wear (and not wear) in Bikram. Less is better. Here are a couple of outfits regularly seen in a Bikram class and some I wore that I liked and did not like. The down side of wearing shorts comes during the floor work. When pulling the knees into the chest, wrapping arms around the knees and grabbing elbows with opposite hands, the slippery-ness of the sweat makes it hard to grip your skin. A towel does come in handy and I used a large regular size bath towel over my mat and a smaller light weight, absorbent, fast drying hand size towel to wipe away the sweat. Very handy.  I also used the smaller towel over my skin for grip in several poses.

Example of Bikram Yoga Clothing

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Bikram / Hot Yoga Part III: Staying Power

Day 2:

On the way to Bikram

My head is clearer today. I drank a whopping quart of water before getting into my car. Yes, I would suggest you hydrate well BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER class. I also downed 16 ounces of one of my famous breakfast smoothies (my kids call it the monster green drink). Crammed with a variety of fruit, Kefir, spinach, protein, and whatever else I can find, it packs some punch and promises to boost my staying power this morning. It’s Saturday. I am ready for the Bikram sauna. Continue reading

Bikram / Hot Yoga Part II: My First Class

So, what are the Bikram Yoga postures? Can I do them as a beginner?

What can I expect at my first class?

What do I bring and how do I prepare?

The Bikram Yoga postures are a set sequence of twenty six poses total. Each pose is performed twice during the 90 minute class period, including two Pranayama (breathing) exercises, one done at the beginning and one done at the end of class.

My Experience…

Day 1: I made it to the studio! This is no small feat for me. The web site states “please arrive 20 minutes early if you are new to Bikram”. If you know me you know that this WOULD BE the hardest part of class…arriving EARLY! I did it and I am feeling confident. Eighty percent of success is showing up. Continue reading

Bikram / Hot Yoga Part I: Background

Why am I writing about Bikram Yoga? I don’t teach it and we don’t offer it through the Yoga Coach…but we DO offer HOT yoga and I have more than a few clients who are curious about it and on occasion I am asked what I think about Bikram Yoga. So…I decided to take on Bikram Yoga classes twice a week for 4 weeks to get an idea of what it is in comparison to our HOT yoga. I’ll blog my experiences so you’ll know what to expect.  But first, some background.

About me…

On a Hike

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast since high school (too many years ago), taught aerobics and danced in the eighties and 90’s, been a runner, hiker and biker through the years too (still am). You could say I’m a fitness junkie. I’ve been a yoga instructor since the year 2000. My initial 200 hour training in 2001 was in Power Yoga with Dana Baptiste. I have also trained many hours in Anusara, Ashtanga, Restorative, as well as others. I keep up on my stuff. I teach 6 – 8 classes of yoga a week and operate an on-site Corporate Yoga business as well as co-own Lifted Life Yoga Center. It doesn’t make me an expert by a long shot, but I’m not the new kid on the block either. I’ve never done a full Bikram class at a Bikram yoga studio until now. Continue reading

Most Generous – Asteya

Asteya – one of the five Yamas (wise characteristics) of the eight limbs of yoga as defined by Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras. It’s translation: non stealing. But what does that mean?

Nischala Joy Devi lends a feminine view to the definition and practice of Asteya in her book “The Secret Power of Yoga: A woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras”, wherein she characterizes asteya as “honesty,” “generosity,” or “integrity.”

Aadil Palkhivala offers ways to practice Asteya in asana practice. Asteya, or “not stealing,” refers to the stealing that grows from believing we cannot create what we need. We steal because we misperceive the universe as lacking abundance or we think that there is not enough for everyone and that we will not receive in proportion to our giving. Because of this, asteya does not only consist of “not stealing,” but also of rooting out the subconscious beliefs of lack and scarcity that cause greed and hoarding in all their various manifestations. Continue reading

Lila – Pastime, Sport or Play

The possibilities are limitless this month! Our theme for May is Lila (pronounce lee-la) which literally means “pastime”, “sport” or “play”.

I remember as a kid living in Ohio that summer rain showers meant you donned a swimsuit and went outside to play! We played in the streets where the water would collect up past our knees and we could float down the gutters touching the ground with only our hands letting our feet trail behind. OK – not very sanitary – but who cared anyway…not me! I was PLAYING and having FUN and SPORT in the RAIN!! When is the last time you played like a kid…no agenda, no expectation, no reason, just for FUN? There is something to be said about spontaneity. It spurs our creative side and gives us a rest from the mundane. It sets the mood to explore and discover with child like play from the heart! Continue reading