Healthy Sexy From the Inside Out

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I’m so excited to unveil this 28 day transformation program to help you make a shift for long term health and wellness…and I’ve made it SIMPLE.

I’m inviting you and a select few of my closest friends to be among the FIRST to experience it and I would be honored to have you join me!

Class begins (in your inbox) Monday November 3rd, 2014.

Feel great everyday by starting with a 15 minute daily dose of yoga, meditation, recipes, and mantras to set yourself up for success.

What you get…

>>> Daily yoga poses. Described in detail with pictures and/or video. At the end of each week we’ll put the postures we’ve learned all together into one 15-20 minute routine. This approach allows you to learn incrementally and to feel the effectiveness of the posture. At the end of the month you will have four entire sequences for: Digestion, Strength & Stamina, Mindfulness, and a special Chakra Balance. Yours to keep and practice whenever you want. ($75 value)

>>> Daily inspirational thought/health tip. Yours to keep, print, say out loud and share. Value – priceless.

>>> Weekly coaching calls (60 minutes) – Tuesdays at 2pm MST. Each coaching call will bring a new area of focus for the week. In our calls I’ll share my 30+ years of study and experience with you on four separate subjects related to health and wellness. Get the low down on cellular health, digestion and nutrition your first week. Week two is all about exercise and movement. You’ll learn how your mindset plays a role in your well-being during our third call and finally an introduction to the energy systems of the body in week four. All calls will be recorded to listen to again or for the first time if you are unable to join us on the date/time of the call. ($600 value)

>>> Weekly 30 minute Q&A sessions (recorded). Personal coaching on what is blocking your success. Let’s get in the ring together and knock those blocks out! ($300 Value)

>>> Extra coaching sessions with guest speakers in the area of nutrition and life coaching! ($200 value)

>>> Meditation visualization from Life Coach expert and mentor Cynthia Wand. ($9.95 value)

>>> Recipe eBook by my good friend Cynthia Sumner chocked full of yummy healthy creations that are sure to please even the pickiest palette. ($15 value)

>>> My favorite gluten free recipes…I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading health and nutrition articles, recipe books, and scoured the internet to find my faves and I’m going to share them with you! Tried and true recipes that you’ll want to use over and over again. Because I’m not a chef at heart, I tend to pick the easiest foods to prepare- priceless!

>>> A one month’s supply of whole food Greens, Vegan Protein Shake, Alkaline Booster, and Recovery supplements. This is the sweet cherry on top…really! This is Health Made Simple! If you like fast food that can be prepared in less time than it takes to say “Give me a Big Mac” then you are going to LOVE this on-the-go option. Shake it up and make a tasty alkaline snack that’s easy breezy anytime anywhere! Re-mineralize and energize with these four Great-Tasting – Organic – Vegan – Sugar-Free >>>  Non-GMO – No Gluten or Dairy products from SevenPoint2 (the alkaline company). Here’s the scoop…

>>> 100% Organic Greens Powder – These Delicious Organic Greens are a revitalizing essential supplement, designed to gently detoxify the body and help you achieve an alkaline lifestyle. Loaded with dozens of healthy green superfoods, cereal grasses and alkalizing vegetables in a great tasting powder. (available in capsules too) (Value $58)

>>> Vegan Protein Shake – This Great Tasting Vegan Shake is the foundation of your alkaline lifestyle. This proprietary formula is an excellent high quality, low carbohydrate protein source. This easy to digest formula is high in fiber and provides an extensive array of naturally occurring amino acids, the building blocks of protein. (Value $69)

>>> Alkaline Booster – Highly alkalizing packed with bicarbonate forms of Ca, Mg, Po & Na. Promotes healthy blood pressure & blood sugar levels. Decreasing bone loss and increasing muscle mass. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Promotes restful sleep. (value – $46)

>>> Recovery – Powerful and selective antioxidant helping to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA, and combat out of control Cell Growth. Reduces inflammation and joint discomfort. Increases stamina and energy. ( value $46)

OK. You’re thinking…

I really want to do this!

I want to feel great and up-level my health by making a 15 minute a day shift in my lifestyle and create healthy habits for life!

I want to feel more energized and focused ALL DAY LONG!

So…what’s the hold up?

  • None! I love it and want it…Sign me up NOW!

Do I have the time?

  • YES! This is a program that you can do in 15 minutes a day. You get to decide when and how!

Do I have the money?

  • There is never a better time than now to jump into my Healthy Sexy From the Inside Out program! If you were to purchase each of these deeply rich, life sustaining tools individually you would spend over $1300!!

I’m offering this complete 28 day transformation that will max out your health meter for less than you’d spend on a weekend get-a-way…plus you have the convenience of retreating right at home and putting these tools into practice in your everyday REAL LIFE setting.

Not just a one-time love-it, leave-it, soon-to-be forgotten weekend.

This program will roll out in January for its debut at less than half the retail for just $497! I’m offering the sneak preview to a select few of my closest friends this month only for just $297! Shazam!

Quite frankly, this is the FIRST run. There will be kinks to work out, and I need YOUR feedback on the program. Your results and testimonial are important to me and to the hundreds of others who follow.

I’m looking for your support so that more folks who have health issues can join the revolution of Healthy Sexy from the Inside Out.

If that’s not enough incentive… I’m also going to include a second time through the program for FREE* just for being one of the first!

(*does not include the sevenpoint2 product)

I’m only offering this deal in November and only to a select few.

Healthy Sexy is for you if…

  • You feel frazzled and out of sexy mode.
  • Exercising every day seems overwhelming and too much to chew. No worries… we’ll bite size it.
  • Self-care shows up on your to-do list everyday but never gets checked off.
  • You are looking to release a few pounds and/or shed some inches (and do it again and again) to reach your ideal body beauty. No fad diets or giving up the foods you love.
  • A full-time job, family responsibilities, or community commitments are taking you for a ride while self-care takes a back seat.
  • You are tired, overwhelmed, short on time and really don’t need another self-help tool.
  • You want to feel wildly vibrant from the inside out and sexy from the outside in!
  • You want to increase your mental awareness, emotional strength and physical stamina.
  • You are willing to take action steps and devote 15 minutes each day towards your transformation goal.
  • You are willing to put into practice key principles and concepts that I will teach you to unlock your full energy potential.
  • Up-leveling the vibration of your emotional state of mind appeals to you.

In just 15 minutes a day you will shift your emotional, physical, and mental state of well-being to improve your health today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and the years to follow.

Take time in your day to make time in your day! I’ll show you just how easy it is.

I’ll send out all the details and product to get you started by Monday, November 3rd!

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Love Is As Love Does

“To begin by always thinking of love as an action rather than a feeling is one way in which anyone using the word in this manner automatically assumes accountability and responsibility.” ~ bell hooks

Love, love, love. All you need is love. ~ The Beetles (1967)

I will always love you. ~ Whitney Houston (1992)

My Endless Love. ~ Lionel Richie, Diana Ross (1981)

When a man loves a Woman. ~ Percy Sledge (1966)

You get the Best of my love. ~ The Eagles (1976)

Because you loved me.  ~ Celine Dion (1996)

How deep is your love? ~ Bee Gees (1977)

My Love. ~ Lionel Richie (1982)

What’s love got to do with it? ~ Tina Turner (1984)

These songs send my heart into a melting mess of nostalgic twitterpation. (Except for Tina’s song…but couldn’t resist throwing in my favorite icon.)

So much has been written about LOVE!

Do we really know what love is?

According to shame, vulnerability, and fear researcher, Brenè Brown, “we are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong. When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to.” The fact is…”A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all women, men, and children.”

I ask, “What is your experience with love?”

And, before you answer it might behoove us to agree on a definition of love.

What are your thoughts on what love is?

To answer that, again I reference research expert, Brenè Brown, because she gives what I believe is the most concrete definition of the word Love. In her book “The Gifts of Imperfection”, Brown states:

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection.

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed, and rare.”


I would add…”we can only love others when we revert back to our original state of being which is love.”

I first heard the phrase “Stupid is as stupid does” while watching the movie Forrest Gump. It intrigued me, though I didn’t have a clear understanding of what it meant. While I was reading Brown’s book about LOVE these words popped into my head…

“Love is as Love does.”

The meaning became clear! You can say “I love you” but it has little meaning unless there is action behind it. I get it! “Stupid is as Stupid does” merely means that stupidity is not derived from a person’s appearance or stature in life or measurement against another’s smartness. It is, rather, a matter of deeds. In other words, you are what you do. Similarly, your love is an outward action expressing an inner knowledge that you are loveable, respected, worthy, and accepted.

Love is as love does. It’s not something we just give lip service to but rather, a matter of deeds that cultivate self-acceptance, belonging, inclusion, and our innate ability to love and trust ourselves.

If what Brown says is true, “we can only love others as much as we love ourselves”, the next question is…

“How can I cultivate love for myself if I don’t have it?”

What does it look like to trust oneself? To treat ourselves with respect and to be kind and affectionate?

Step 1: Recognition

From my own experience of putting conditional beliefs and hurdles on myself (as in: workaholic, perfectionism, always being right, etc.) in order to gain approval, I can say this, my ability to love others was often rooted in outside proof of their lovability. I was putting conditions on my show of affection…”I’ll love you when/if _________ happens.” I was doing it to myself and therefore, it seeped into every other relationship…just like 2nd hand smoke. The effect was as damaging to me as it was to the people who were closest to me.

This form of love creates a poison to those around us with our self-loathing behaviors. Even when we say we love them.

Step 2: Where did I learn this behavior?

When I was a little girl, I wanted so badly for my mom to be happy. If she was happy I felt loved. If I clean the toilet…she will be happy. What if I do all the chores? Make dinner? Give her a hug? Say I love you? Will that make her happy? Really what I was asking for was acceptance, respect, and love from a mother who did not know how to respect and love herself. Turns out the little things we say and do, like 2nd hand smoke, really do affect us. Years later and wiser, I know now that my mother was merely mirroring her own insecurities that quite possibly were handed down to her through experiences and emotional mentoring from her own family of origin. Another truth for me…

“It is hard to feel love from someone who doesn’t feel it for themselves.”

Step 3: Change the pattern (hardest step, but most effective)

Time heals. And this is true for the relationship between me and my mother. When I truly learned to love myself, that love superseded any barriers or walls around my mother’s heart… I love her unconditionally.

When we recognize that loving and caring for ourselves creates a feeling of belonging that invites others to be in. They feel our love because we practice it.

Showing respect, kindness, love, and affection for oneself is an excellent way to cultivate deep self-love which translates to loving others easily. Here are some ideas…

  • Setting boundaries with your time that help you stay grounded
  • Honoring yourself with 3 nourishing meals a day, proper sleep, and hydration
  • Actively seeking ways to play and ignite passion for creativity.
  • Being true to your word with honest integrity in speech and actions.
  • Showing compassion when we make mistakes and celebrating the lessons learned that will enhance our next venture.
  • Giving simple service to others through a warm smile, kind word, or act of kindness.

My new mantra: “Love is as Love Does.”

What actions help you feel your way back to your original state of love? I would love to hear your comments below!

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