Private Yoga Coaching

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire your own private coach?

It’s easier than you think and more affordable than ever. In fact, you get the most bang for your buck when you get customized yoga routines especially for you in private lessons.

Click here to schedule your FREE no-obligation 20 minute consultation to see if a private session is right for you!

Private coaching can be benificial if you…

  • Want to work on specific alignment principles as they apply to you.
  • Are looking for ways to heal an injury or work around one.
  • Need cross-training for specific events: running, biking, swimming, etc.
  • Are a beginner looking for building blocks for a steady foundation in yoga.
  • Are an advanced practitioner looking for motivation to get past a plateau in your practice.
  • Want to de-stress with Pranayama (beathing) practices.
  • Need a chakra alignment-oriented practice.

Sound good? I’m going to make it super simple…

Click here to schedule your FREE no-obligation 20 min. consultation to see if a private session is right for you.

That’s right…you have nothing to lose except your curiosity & fear!

My Promise To You

My promise as the Yoga Coach is to help you meet your fitness goals. I do that by creating a personalized wellness program that incorporates your strengths, considers weaknesses, and fills in the gaps of any current program you are on. The only requirement from you is to have fun, dedicate time to practice, and watch your fitness level go up! Every session includes follow-up.

Package 1 – Foundation

If you are new to private coaching and/or exercise or yoga in general this is a great place to start. Learn breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system and prepare you for better sleep habits. Basic alignment principles will be taught in a variety of postures to apply when seated, standing, bending and twisting. These alignment principles will create and maintain a healthy spine, reduce shoulder and neck issues, and prepare you for the next phase. Includes one ½ hour assessment and five private 1 hr. sessions. Meet weekly.

Package 2 – Core Strength

Once the Foundation is laid a strong core is necessary to stabilize movement. This phase will emphasize balance between left and right, front and back while strengthening deep stabilizing muscles that surround the spine…including the rectus abdominals, low back, oblique, transverse, and glutes. Includes one ½ hour assessment and five private 1 hr. sessions and one video session. Meet weekly.

Package 3 – Inspired Action

Review basic alignment principles from Foundation phase and delve deeper into cause and effect of habits you may not be aware you have that inhibit movement causing you pain. We will explore deep strengthening and stretching moves that will open your hips, relieve low back pain, and set you up for maximum range of movement while keeping you in optimal alignment. Includes one ½ hour assessment, one 30 min. phone coaching session, and six private hourly sessions. Meet weekly.

Package 4 – Athletes: Injury Free & Recovery

Review basic alignment principles from Foundation phase. Learn meditative techniques that get your mind in the game. Explore cause and effect of over trained and under developed muscles. Cross train to balance those inequalities and get relief from common injury and ailments such as: sciatica, knee injuries, tennis elbow, shin splints, etc. Learn when and how to deep stretch through restorative postures which invite healing and prevent injury. Includes one ½ hour assessment, one 30 min. phone coaching session, and six private hourly sessions.

Package 5 – Accelerate

If you want it all (everything in Foundation, Core Strength, and Inspired Action or Injury Free) we can do it! As a bonus you will have unlimited access to me via email. Meets weekly for 4 months.