Tips for Mindful Eating / Habits for Life

Breathe – A great way to center the mind and connect to the flow of energy. Allow yourself to let go of pressing, out-of-the-moment thought and tune-IN to the present with both mind and body. Make a connection to your body through the breath. Listen and feel the motion of each inhale and each exhale as you breathe. Did you know? It is the #1 way to detoxify the body!!

Photo: Joost Nelissen

Drink up – fluids are what the body is made up of (60-70% actually) so it make sense that if you don’t flush it your body will hold on to toxins. Flush it out (literally) by taking in ½ your weight in ounces of water each day. Add more if you are exercising heavily.

TIP: Drink fluids ½ hour or more before your meal. Then do not drink with your meal. Liquids can dilute digestive juices making your stomach work harder during digestion. Continue reading