Yoga Practice (30 min): Balancing the Second Chakra

Linda Black, The Yoga Coach, guides you through a 35 minute yoga practice to balance your 2nd chakra. Instead of wishing or demanding a relationship to be different than it is, allow yourself to be accepting of what is. Open to be adaptable to change and receptive to inspiration on how to make it happen. The 2nd Chakra has a feminine quality to it that is an expression of going out into the world with the gentle act of accepting and allowing.

Suggested Essential oils: doTerra Wild Orange (to open the channels of creativity) and women’s blend.

Yoga Practice (30 min): 3-in-1 Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga = The Antidote to Stress.

The power of these quiet soothing postures when practiced regularly comes from allowing (and helping) our own internal healing processes to work – healing processes that can be overwhelmed by stress and dis-ease. Just as it takes a repetitious lifting of heavy weight to build muscle, so to it takes allowing oneself to deeply relax in order to let the repair and healing process take place. Practice all three postures for 10 min each OR enjoy simmering in one pose for 20-30 minutes.

Suggested DoTerra oils – Geranium (The Oil of love – for heart opening), Cypress (The oil of Motion & Flow – for getting “unstuck”), and/or Digestive Blend.

Yoga Practice (30 min): Yoga for Digestion

Linda Black, the Yoga Coach, combines a number of best practices for digestion including twists, forward bends and Kapalabhati pranayama. A 30 minute gentle yoga routine to stimulate the digestive fire or agni.

Intention: “I nourish my body, mind, and spirit with food, thoughts and actions that are easily digested and contribute to my over all well-being.”


Suggested essential oils: Digestzen and Citrus Bliss by DoTerra

Best to practice first thing in the morning or waiting at least an hour after eating. This sequence can also be found on Yoga Journal’s sequence builder (once you login).