2012 is Here!

2012 Is Here!

I love a new year…all fresh and pristine, a blank canvas with infinite possibilities. It’s dreamy pie in the sky stuff…No boundaries have yet been established or rules set in stone. It’s bendable, pliable, & flexible to mold and fit your desires. So, the question I ask myself is this…”what do I want in 2012”? An obvious answer is “More than I got in 2011”. But why, how and what really do I want? In pondering this question I find it helpful to look back at 2011 and celebrate the year.

Celebrate by writing down 50 – 100 of your greatest accomplishments (yes, it does take some time). Then revel in all your glory! Acknowledge these accomplishments and take a closer look at the underlying commitment that made them work. What fueled their success? If you know the what and why of your successes in 2011 then you can take that forward into 2012 and build on it. It is important to not get caught up in what did NOT happen in 2011 but to focus on what DID. Continue reading