Inversions and Menstruation – What is Safe?


A simple Google search will tell you that a lot of literature has been written about whether or not women should do inversions in her yoga practice when she is menstruating. There is a widely-held concern that engaging in inversions while menstruating may cause retrograde flow and lead to endometriosis, though there is no concrete evidence that inversions during menstruation are the cause of this. Since the energy flows downward during a woman’s period, inversions can be seen as a disruption to this downward energy flow.

To be smart about your yoga practice and your body, here are a few things to consider about whether to do inversions when you have your period.

  1. Inversions should be light when your flow is heavy. While you may not want to opt out of inversions altogether, don’t hold your inversions as long. In other words, this is not the time for a ten-minute headstand. Rather than engaging in assertive inversions, you may opt for a milder inversion pose such as down dog and receive similar benefits. Continue reading